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Umbrella Company

An umbrella company takes on the role of employer to agency contractors. In fact, partnering with an umbrella company lets you combine the best of both worlds. Working on a contract basis rewards you with flexibility and financial benefits, while Tarpon ensures employment benefits.

Processing your payroll through an umbrella company is safe and efficient. As part of our services you will receive:

  • A personal business manager to take care of your admin and paperwork
  • Employment benefits
  • An expenses policy for travel, meals and accommodation
  • £20 million professional insurance cover (of which £10 million Employers' Liability insurance, £5 million Public Liability insurance and £5 million Professional Indemnity insurance)

Make your life easier by using an umbrella company

The Treasury and HMRC are cracking down on offshore employee benefit trusts and people founding limited companies to avoid tax. Legislation in the form of IR35, IR56 and S660A exists to prevent such tax avoidance schemes.

We recommend you avoid using an offshore scheme or composite company.

Tarpon staff are on hand to help you navigate this complex sea of taxes and our solutions are all above board. In fact, the HMRC have given us an exceptionally good dispensation! You needn't even send us the receipts for all your expenses.

So, there's never been a better time to enlist the help of Tarpon, a top UK umbrella company. We'll let you get on with your work without having to worry about the tax side of things.

Use our free umbrella salary calculator to see how much you can take home or call one of our tax experts on 01582 390 000.

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