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So how does Tarpon ensure full compliance for contractors, clients and agencies?

It is because everything we do is fully approved by HMRC and has been since we started up. We operate under a unique HMRC dispensation and so do not fall foul of tax legislation to curb Managed Service Companies (MSCs). Tarpon is NOT an MSC – and that's according to the 'taxman', who wrote the definition.

Tarpon's full compliance with all tax legislation keeps contractors, clients and agencies safe because:

  • We directly employ each and every contractor
  • We operate a normal PAYE scheme, with each and every contractor paying the correct levels of tax and National Insurance Contributions
  • We DO NOT pay in "dividends" (a key target of the 2007 Budget)
  • We pay employed (Class 1) National Insurance Contributions
  • We ensure all our contractors receive the usual employments rights and protection given to individuals working for an employer.

To speak to one of our tax experts call 01582 390 000.

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